• Senex is a specialist in
    purchasing healthcare bad
    debt portfolios on a
    non-recourse basis.

  • While traditional vendors
    offer promises of revenue over
    time, Senex provides immediate
    and guaranteed cash flow

  • Providers can no longer
    afford to ignore bad debt!
    Senex will revolutionize
    your revenue cycle.

  • We embrace your mission
    to provide quality and
    compassionate health care
    to your community.

Immediate Cash to Boost your Bottom Line

Senex has purchased debt in the healthcare industry since 1998, working alongside hundreds of providers to give them an alternative solution to their growing written-off self-pay receivables. Our mission is to provide hospitals with upfront cash while preserving their community reputation through compassionate collections.

  • Non-recourse transactions: All risks and costs shift to Senex
  • Healthcare-exclusive: Fully-certified and specialized staff
  • In-house collection: No resale of accounts
  • Providers maintain control: Right to recall accounts
  • Compassionate Collections: We understand your patients are your most important asset
  • Customized suite of solutions: Optimized for each client

Senex clients benefit from:

  • Immediate and Predictable Cash Flow
  • Compassionate Collections
  • A Profitable End to your Revenue Cycle

Client Benefits

Senex offers a suite of solutions optimized to fit the needs of each client.

Ready to Get Started?

We offer a free, convenient evaluation and analysis, which will serve as a valuable deliverable.